Re: [orca-list] keys in conflict with XUL application keys

Hi Milan:

    WW> To determine which keys Orca uses in Firefox, you can bring up
    WW> the Firefox-specific Orca preferences dialog by pressing
    WW> Ctrl+Orca+Space (e.g., Ctrl+Insert+Space).

Thank you for tip, but this key combination doesn't do anything for me
with the latest Orca svn snapshot.  Can I do anything to identify the

I think it may depend upon what your Orca modifier key is. If you're using the laptop layout, then you might try CapsLock+Ctrl+Space.

    WW> The keybindings tab will have a list of all the keystrokes Orca
    WW> has defined.

Nevertheless, I suppose Orca will add new keyboard commands in future.
Is there some policy about kinds of key bindings reserved for future use
in Orca and/or about kinds of key bindings Orca will never use?  If it
is not, I think it would be useful to define one.

Since there are a limited number of keys on a keyboard, there is always going to be contention for key combinations. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about attempting to generate a policy for who gets to use what. I think it's an intractable problem.

We try to keep the number of keystrokes defined by Orca to a low number, however, and I prefer to see the Orca modifier used in the keyboard commands used by Orca. In the case of Firefox, however, end users preferred not having the Orca modifier, so we listened to them. As we've seen, this can conflict with choices made by others. We cannot avoid that. But, Orca does provide the ability for users to redefine the keystrokes.


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