Re: [orca-list] keys in conflict with XUL application keys

Hi Milan:

Thanks for your understanding and flexibility here. To determine which keys Orca uses in Firefox, you can bring up the Firefox-specific Orca preferences dialog by pressing Ctrl+Orca+Space (e.g., Ctrl+Insert+Space). The keybindings tab will have a list of all the keystrokes Orca has defined.

Hope this helps!


Milan Zamazal wrote:
We discussed it here more and decided that the easiest solution would be
indeed to avoid using conflicting keys in the XUL application.  At least
with applications targeted at visually impaired users it is possible.

But the important thing is to know which keys are reserved for Orca.
Currently in Firefox Orca uses a lot of keys such as alphanumeric keys,
arrow keys, Insert/Home/End, etc. including combinations with modifiers.
So which key bindings can a XUL application use without any current or
future conflict with Orca?


Milan Zamazal

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