Re: [orca-list] keys in conflict with XUL application keys

"WW" == Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM> writes:

    >> Ah, gotcha.  I was under the impression that the alphanumeric
    >> keys would not be bound to UI elements without being combined
    >> with some other modifier.  For instance, I assumed the
    >> possibility of Alt+B or Control+B but not just B (or for that
    >> matter Shift+B).  Although I guess Thunderbird does stuff like
    >> that -- and each time I accidentally do something to trigger it,
    >> I find it disturbing/bad design. ;-)
    WW> I agree that it is bad design and content providers should not
    WW> do this.

I disagree.  For instance Emacs applications (Emacs environment can be
comparable to XUL environment for the purpose), including Web browsers,
commonly bind alphanumeric keys to commands.  And the Firefox extension
I use for web browsing, Conkeror, uses global and UI element
alphanumeric key bindings too.  In all the cases I would get pretty
annoyed if I had to use modifiers when invoking common commands.  There
is no reason to force users to press modifiers on each common operation.


Milan Zamazal

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