Re: All-in-one bundle at

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
Because nobody had filed a bug about it missing (or mailed me, but
filing a bug is better) before I noticed it myself some week ago;)
gtk-update-icon-cache.exe *is* included in the current gtk+ zip file
On the subject of bugs, as I mentioned Glade runs but is missing the
icons.  I did a little searching the glade-devel archives and found that
this subject came up a few times for both linux and windows.

In this message from glade-devel
Tristan Van Berkom said

  "If gtk+ is still not requiring the hicolor theme then please
   feel free to open a bug against gtk+ and link back to this
   archived mailing list thread."

Am I correct in thinking that if I am still having this problem, the
above suggestion was never done?

Damon Register

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