Re: All-in-one bundle at

> but I don't find where to get this or why it isn't part of the GTK bundle

Because nobody had filed a bug about it missing (or mailed me, but
filing a bug is better) before I noticed it myself some week ago;)
gtk-update-icon-cache.exe *is* included in the current gtk+ zip file
( and the corresponding bundle.

The same goes for the missing glade_xml_construct_from_buffer from
libglade's glade.def file. When such things are noticed it is a good
idea to file a bug about it. That had been fixed in SVN already on
2007-11-26. but there has been no libglade (source) release after
that. But it would have been OK to poke me and ask for a "patch" or
"snapshot" build of libglade 2.6.2 with that fix included. There is
now a such at


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