All-in-one bundle at

In a recent thread "Setting up GTK+ on Windows using Mingw" Tor
suggested that it was better to use the "official" GTK+ stack binaries
which I realized must the the all-in-one bundle mentioned by the
original poster.  I downloaded it and found that I could build a plain
GTK program but was limited to only that.  I could not use it to build
a libglade, gtkmm or libglademm program.

I realize that this list deals primarily with GTK and not the extras
like libglade but I would like to know if there is any possibility that
the all-in-one bundle could include the other components needed for
libglade?  If that would be impractical, could the third party items
could include some of the tools needed so that one could go get other
packages such as libglade and build it with MinGW?

I have attempted to build libglade using the all-in-one bundle but just
got stuck in a hopeless chain of dependencies which I don't understand
well enough to resolve.

Damon Register

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