Re: All-in-one bundle at

> I realize that this list deals primarily with GTK and not the extras
> like libglade but I would like to know if there is any possibility that
> the all-in-one bundle could include the other components needed for
> libglade?

Well, sure, it would be trivial to include also libglade (and libxml2,
which it depends on). I might be persuaded to do that.

But will I just enter a neverending slippery slope where people ask
for more and more components to be included in the bundle? The GTK+
"bundle" zip file contains *exactly* the same files as the individual
zip files of the GTK+ stack. There really shouldn't be any huge
difference to download and unzip one or three zip files, when you can
unzip them all in the exact same manner. (Use the command-line
unzip.exe, more easily scriptable.)

> I have attempted to build libglade using the all-in-one bundle but just
> got stuck in a hopeless chain of dependencies which I don't understand
> well enough to resolve.

libglade does not depend on much... The GTK+ stack, libxml2 and gettext-runtime.

But if this was your first attempt to build something using a
GNOME-style configure script, autotools, libtool etc, I can understand
your pain. Getting the small details right and the tool chain working
can be the hardest part. Once it works, often you really can just do
./configure && make. Well, usually it's a good idea to add
--disable-static --disable-gtk-doc, and similar details, but in
principle. (As a hint to people wanting to build stuff themselves, my
"dev" zip files and thus the GTK+ bundle too include in the "make"
folder the scripts I used to build each component. These scripts are
not reusable directly as such, but hopefully can provide some

Besides, there are pre-built libglade Win32 binaries at ...


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