Re: All-in-one bundle at

Well, sure, it would be trivial to include also libglade (and libxml2,
which it depends on). I might be persuaded to do that.
so what is the secret of persuasion?

But will I just enter a neverending slippery slope where people ask
for more and more components to be included in the bundle? The GTK+
you will :-)

libglade does not depend on much... The GTK+ stack, libxml2 and gettext-runtime.
I never got anywhere with that.  After a lot of experimenting, I found
that if I built in this order:
  get libglade-2.6.2

I could actually get libglade to compile and could also build and run a
sample application using libglade.

Besides, there are pre-built libglade Win32 binaries at ...
I have not checked that one but all that I did look at were missing
glade_xml_construct_from_buffer.  See
problem patched by Murray Cumming

Now why would I go through all the trouble of building when there are
supposed to be precompiled packages for windows?  I have two reasons.
The first is that I could not get them to play together except for the
original list I posted with subject "Setting up GTK+ on Windows using
Mingw".  The second and perhaps most important reason is so that I can
get the latest version of the various glade related packages.  In this
list as well as the Glade and gtkmm lists I see various threads about
bugs that are fixed.  Those fixes often take some time before they make
it to the Windows packages.  I want to get the basic framework to allow
me to build the various gtk/glade packages so I can get the fixes as
soon as they are available.

As I mentioned above I was able to get all those build and even make
a test libglade app.  I tried building the latest release of Glade3 but
the configure fails with an error.  This is from the config.log

configure:4058: checking for XML::Parser
configure:4064: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool

I know that you feel such request might put you on the slippery slide
and I also know that some are outside the scope of this list.  I am
hoping that we can have a set of tools that will build the various
gtk and glade things that many people use.

Damon Register

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