working msys gtk environment, problem with font size

Recently I have attempted to setup a GTK/Glade environment on Windows
and had success with the pre-built gtk and glade packages from  Tor Lillqvist suggested it was
better to use the more updated gtk from

Since I agree with Tor I have been trying to get a working msys-glade
environment where I can develop with gtk and Glade.  I got the
all-in-one bundle and was able to make a simple gtk test program.
With a bit of extra work, lots of Google searching and some help
from this list I was able to get all the way to building the latest
Glade with msys.

There is only one problem that I have not been able to solve yet.
From the simplest gtk only app to the Glade that I built, the fonts
are noticeably larger than they were when I used the sourceforge
gtk and Glade.  I searched this list and found several threads about
the font problem but some went unanswered and others I didn't

This is a summary of what I did to get a (mostly) working gtk and
Glade setup.

1.   get and install all-in-one bundle
2.   get and install latest ActiveState perl
3.   add windows environment variables PKG_CONFIG_PATH CPPFLAGS GMSGFMT
4.   add GTK and Perl to msys PATH
5.   fix path in pkgconfig *.pc files
6.   get and build libidn-1.8
7.   get and build libiconv-1.9.2
8.   get and build gettext-0.17
9.   get and build libxml2-2.6.32
10.  get and install libglade-2.6.2-20080525
11.  get and install libpng-1.2.29
12.  get and build hicolor-icon-theme
13.  get and build glade3-3.4.5

Can anyone please help me with the font problem?  Beside trying to fix
this problem, I am also trying to make a more detailed set of
instructions based on the summary above.  I hope to include some notes
that explain some of the problems encountered and how they were fixed.

Damon Register

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