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jcupitt gmail com wrote:
If you have it and it's not been found, try something like:

GMSGFMT="/opt/local/bin/msgfmt" ./configure ..
That was the case.  I have it but it wasn't found so I added the
GMSGFMT environment variable with the path were msgfmt really is.
I found a similar problem with libintl.h so I added CPPFLAGS with
the correct path.  Now the configure, make and make install work
(almost).  I get a Glade that actually runs.  The only problem
now is that all the widgets on the left are just X's.  I see that
the make and make install showed a few warnings.

libtool: link: warning: `c:/GTK/lib/' seems to be moved
libtool: link: warning: `c:/GTK/lib/' seems to be moved
but maybe those are normal.

This message from the make install seems a little suspicious to me
since it is about icons
/bin/sh: gtk-update-icon-cache: command not found
make[5]: [update-icon-cache] Error 127 (ignored)

I have searched and don't find that anywhere on my system.  I also see
that with the gtk-dev-2.12.9-win32-2.exe installation, there is a
a gtk-update-icon-cache.exe.  With some Googling I find it in
but I don't find where to get this or why it isn't part of the
GTK bundle

Damon Register

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