Re: Using dsum across sheets

Thus spake Andreas J. Guelzow (aguelzow taliesin ca):
On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 15:35, Mike Perry wrote:

I've run into another problem, though. It seems as though there is no
Time type that can easily represent large amounts of elapsed time..
Something that could do days, hours, minutes would be nice. Or maybe
even a way to lift the 0-23 restriction on the hours portion of hh:mm?

[h]:mm should do it

Rats.. As it turns out, for my elapsed times (the "Time Delta" field),
sometimes I subtract a time close to midnight from a time in the early
morning hours. If I use the hh:mm format, it comes out correct (as in
11:03 PM - 2:00 AM == 2:57). But if I use [h]:mm, I get -21:03.

Worse, it seems that regardless of the format, the internal
representation of the time is still the negative form. So if I sum, I
end up getting negative contributions for those periods..

I can't think of a clean way to avoid this.. maybe I'll just have to
hardcode values when it comes out negative..

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs

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