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Le dim 25/01/2004 à 21:04, Mike Perry a écrit :
Thus spake Jean Br?fort (jean brefort ac-dijon fr):

Le dim 25/01/2004 ?? 19:01, Mike Perry a ??crit :
Thus spake Jean Br?fort (jean brefort ac-dijon fr):
Also, do I really need to use a range for the third argument? I really
don't want to have to create 16+ (the actual number of Jobs is
unbounded) mini-tables with just a "Job #" and a number in it,
especially when I already number each job in the Jobtable sheet. Is
there a function or something I can do to avoid all these needless

This is how database functions work. I don't think you can avoid them.
It works the same in OpenCalc or Excel.

Ewww, yeah, I'm completely new to spreadsheets with gnumeric, so I
wasn't aware of this limitation.

So then basically what I have to do is create a whole new sheet that
is of the following form:

Job #  Job #  ....  Job #
 1      2             N

and then reference that? That's kinda.. uncomfortable.. because not only
does it mean I have to add new jobs to both sheets, but since my DSUM
formula goes into the "Total Time" column of my jobtable, I don't see an
easy way to get my DSUM formula to be copied with an autofill. In
otherwords, if I simply drag the DSUM formula down, I get:

=dsum(TimeTable!A$1:F$45,"Time Delta",JobTranspose!A1:A2)
=dsum(TimeTable!A$1:F$45,"Time Delta",JobTranspose!A2:A3)

Which simply won't work no matter how I finagle the JobTranspose sheet

How is this issue typically solved? I would assume this would be a pretty
common thing to do in a spreadsheet (and thus should be straightforward), 
but as I said, I'm new to the whole gig. Maybe I'm approaching the
problem entirely wrong? Maybe people do something other than DSUM for
this type of task?

The only way I know to do that is to put the formulas on the same line:

=dsum(TimeTable!A$1:F$45,"Time Delta",JobTranspose!A1:A2)

will become in next cell:

=dsum(TimeTable!A$1:F$45,"Time Delta",JobTranspose!B1:B2)



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