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Thus spake Jean Br?fort (jean brefort ac-dijon fr):

Le dim 25/01/2004 ?? 19:01, Mike Perry a ??crit :
Thus spake Jean Br?fort (jean brefort ac-dijon fr):
Also, do I really need to use a range for the third argument? I really
don't want to have to create 16+ (the actual number of Jobs is
unbounded) mini-tables with just a "Job #" and a number in it,
especially when I already number each job in the Jobtable sheet. Is
there a function or something I can do to avoid all these needless

This is how database functions work. I don't think you can avoid them.
It works the same in OpenCalc or Excel.

Ewww, yeah, I'm completely new to spreadsheets with gnumeric, so I
wasn't aware of this limitation.

So then basically what I have to do is create a whole new sheet that
is of the following form:

Job #  Job #  ....  Job #
 1      2             N

and then reference that? That's kinda.. uncomfortable.. because not only
does it mean I have to add new jobs to both sheets, but since my DSUM
formula goes into the "Total Time" column of my jobtable, I don't see an
easy way to get my DSUM formula to be copied with an autofill. In
otherwords, if I simply drag the DSUM formula down, I get:

=dsum(TimeTable!A$1:F$45,"Time Delta",JobTranspose!A1:A2)
=dsum(TimeTable!A$1:F$45,"Time Delta",JobTranspose!A2:A3)

Which simply won't work no matter how I finagle the JobTranspose sheet

How is this issue typically solved? I would assume this would be a pretty
common thing to do in a spreadsheet (and thus should be straightforward), 
but as I said, I'm new to the whole gig. Maybe I'm approaching the
problem entirely wrong? Maybe people do something other than DSUM for
this type of task?

Example 5.7 of the manual (same page) says I am supposedly able to specify
combination of cells with commas, which is again misleading cause it
doesn't work in this case.

This is true for functions which accept only a range of cells as sole
argument. A1,B2,C4,C5,D6 is considered as a single argument. For
functions several arguments, it would not be possible to know where the
arguments start and end if each one is a list of comma separated cell
references. It would be possible if the separators were not the same but
it is unfortunately not the case.

Yeah, I kinda figured that. Was hoping there was some magic that could
be done, like packing the arguments into an array or something...

Thanks for all your help,

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs

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