Re: Using dsum across sheets

Le dim 25/01/2004 à 01:44, Mike Perry a écrit :
Is it possible to use the DSUM function on values from two different
sheets? For example, I am trying to write something like:

=DSUM(Timetable!A1:Timetable!F45, Timetable!F, A1,A17)

This formula occurs in a sheet called "Jobtable". A1 and A17 of Jobtable are:

1   Job #
2     1
3     2
4     .
5     .
17    16

Timetable has a bunch of columns and rows, but the important ones are:

    A        .... ...   E       F
1  Date      .... ... Job #  Time Delta 
2 1/22/04               16      0:30
3   .
4   .
5 1/23/04    .... ...   16      0:15

The idea is to take all jobs that match the given job number and sum
their time duration. 

The problem is Gnumeric complains about the DSUM function being an
Invalid Expression.. I tried doing something like A1:A2 for the third
argument, but that's not really what I want, and gives the same error as

Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Am I just doing it wrong?

You have probably two mistakes in your formula. The first is that dsum
needs 3 arguments and not more. You must provide your critria in a
separate block as
1       Job #
2       16
Secondly, the second argument should be either the label of the column
("Time Delta") or the rank of the column in the database (this is what
is in the doc, but I couldn't make it work).
So your formula might be:
=DSUM(Timetable!A1:F5;"Time Delta";B1:B2)


Jean Bréfort

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