Re: [wgo] Skin work

On 11/26/06, Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> wrote:
((Plone / CSS magicians, please look at the end of the message))

On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 00:18 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> I took that guy's suggestion and made this one:

Here is my pen to sign this header from the top to the cool & integrated
secondary nav bar.  :)


- However, we have more GNOME subsites than elements in the General bar., or are
conceptually tied to "Development" in the general nav bar. If you are in
one of these sites the only way (we have though ar for today) to step to
another neighbor subsite is to click to "Development" =, a page where you will have explained links to all
the development related subsites.

Now, if "Development" is not remarked somehow while I am at, it is much harder for the use to find out all this.

library is aimed at users too.
I think if you're on, you're more interested in specific documentation or bugzilla links -- a page on Gedit for example should provide you with a link to Gedit bugs, or to Gedit docs.
The same goes for bugzilla: product browsing pages have links straight to the app's web page.
I think that going back to the top and choosing a neighbour site is a rarer case.

I have a question for the people working on the CSS & Plone integration
of this header. I'd like to offer to the subsites a piece of code they
would include in their templates to make the general nav bar appear as
we wish. BUT, this code would be retrieving data from a central location
somewhere near wgo, so if we add a new item to the general bar or we
apply a tiny change in its design, the changes are automatically
implemented in all the subsites and we don't need to chase them one by

Gnome sites will be using a variety of technology.
I'd say the simplest thing is an SSI that loads a piece of HTML, along with a link to the stylesheet. It's simple and fast.
I don't know about how that'll work on Plone though. The code to embed a piece of HTML on plone may be different, and other CMSs that other sites might use could need something else.
But if we have a file on our server that's a piece of HMTL that contains just the header DIV, we can just say to webmasters: embed this at the top of your page.

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