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Quim Gil wrote:
Yo! Mmm sorry if I'm too critical.

Not at all!!!! Honesty produces the best results :)

On Sat, 2006-11-25 at 03:24 -0500, M��Duffy wrote:

In brief, why don't you make a wgo navigation bar with a primary and
secondary level in a single piece? In the line suggested by this guy in
your blog:
Primary+secondary integrated is the normal approach. There is no reason
to separate/disintegrate them, it looks confusing, make Joachim say it
doesn't work and we loose vertical space for content.

I made a new set of mocks that I just posted:

I took that guy's suggestion and made this one:

I like that one the best now. :) It allows the header to take up the least amount of space and just looks right - it doesn't have that extra whitespace.

This is why I dislike the banner-bar approach. I understand people
caring about visuals like the mockup but... in real web pages we might
be wasting a 1/3 of the vertical space available in the browser with the
megaheader. On the other hand, there is no need for a breadcrumb
navigation: the wgo navigation should be enough to tell you where are

Well, a couple things about the banner bar:

(1) I wasn't intending for it to be implemented as an image (just in case anyone interpreted it that way.) A div with a couple of moz rounded corners on the top with a vibrant color and header text inside.

(2) The initial mocks of it did take a lot of space! I did a couple more variations on it just in case:

I think that applying your good interface design skills to the structure
suggested at
will bring the definitive header.

Yeh, I am *really* feeling that this one is it:

What do you think? If we all agree this one is *IT*... I think is making my images blurry because they're clear before I upload them. So, I will clean that image up and start slicing it up and export all the little bits the CSS folks will hopefully find useful.

I really like the color differentiation idea!

One think that we have overklooked until now is that the General top nav
bar should reflect in which subsite are we now - like nav bars tend to
do. This means that wgo would have the foot-home tab on the left in a
different treatment, or would have the "Art" tab with a
different treatment. Perhaps we could do this coloring the tab with the
same color of the header, instead of the default black.

Well the idea I had had was to color the background behind the tabs & under the general top nav bar differently / add different artwork there to differentiate the sites. I'm not sure if coloring the general nav bar as well would be overkill... I can certainly mock it up. I was definitely thinking the little clearlooks-style highlight on the currently-selected tab (I think it's blue in most of the mocks) could also be changed based on the site!

Ah ok. I've been working with thos on how might use this design and when you folks feel you have enough from me for this release,

Cool! Of course we want that the wgo works help improving the rest opf
GNOME subsites.



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