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Gnome sites will be using a variety of technology.
I'd say the simplest thing is an SSI that loads a piece of HTML, along with a link to the stylesheet. It's simple and fast.
I don't know about how that'll work on Plone though. The code to embed a piece of HTML on plone may be different, and other CMSs that other sites might use could need something else.
But if we have a file on our server that's a piece of HMTL that contains just the header DIV, we can just say to webmasters: embed this at the top of your page.

We can, with some tricks, export a dynamic page that contains all the code needed to have a functional header, and then let the subsites retrieve the way they think is the best.
While this is perfectly feasible in Plone (although not pretty IMO), there are a series of problems:

a) retrieving something based on an external site. Although is getting more and more common (lots of sites try to retrieve info from google, be it either their ads or analyze) but this can cause problems whenever the father site is down / not available.
b) honestly, are we sure we're going to modify that navbar so often to justify such approach? Cause if not, we can produce a piece of "rendered" HTML and send it to the various site admins anytime we go "production".

For what concerns the CSS work,, I think I finished the navbar in a way that appeases me. It's on the SVN. I was trying to work on the tabbar but I am going to restart almost from scratch there due to the fact that my implementation kept the tab size completely dynamic (it adapted to the text inside) while it should, in my opinion, maintain a minimum size (100w 31h) even if the text can allow for smaller size (actually, my implementation was copied right away from Rick's one, so you can use it as referral).

I'll try to come up with something not horrible today.

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