List / Support [Was: We want task bar back. Pretty please.]

On Sun, 2011-05-22 at 15:18 -0400, jordan wrote:
> thanks Evandro,
> 1. "WOW! ~ that is not a good sign."
> - This is me saying that i am surprised that more gnome-developers
> don't follow the list. - nothing more... :)

Why? This is normal.  Most projects have -devel lists / forums and user
lists / forums.

> 2. "it seems almost pointless to even have a gnome-shell list then, if
> gnome-developers don't even follow it..?!?"
> - this was a valid concern as to the usefulness of the gnome-shell
> list, not sarcasm.

Why?  Ask a question about the Shell; there are knowledgable users here.

> 3. "...and I probably shouldn't have even bothered with my last
> comment, being as it will fall on deaf-ears/blind-eyes. - anyone who
> really matters anyway.. I guess this list is just like the
> GnomeDesktop youtube channel."

Why would you consider a YouTube channel to be a support channel or
development commentary channel.  It isn't.  Expecting developers to
monitor every venue is ridiculous.

> this is also stating valid concerns of the usefulness of list that
> isn't even followed by the gnome project developers. 

This, even if true, doesn't degrade the usefulness of the list.

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