Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell


The crux, to me, is "hiding" rather than getting hung up on terminology like minimizing.

True. But it was the OP who said that "window management is atrocious", no less, because "there is no minimize button". I can hide my windows just fine.
But currently, workspace switching to hide a window feels a little like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. ;-)

I see how it can feel like that, yes. Seems natural to me after some time doing it, that's all I can say.


This problem that your mom experienced with GNOME 2 is orthogonal to the issue of minimization, and is one that GNOME Shell has already solved. If a user launches an already running application from the dock, the running instance is presented to the user, whether it is minimized or in some other obscured state.

You do have a point, I hadn't considered it that way. Still, I think having one way of hiding things, instead of two, greatly simplifies things for her. She's definitely happier with her computer now.

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