Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

>> > Minimizing is pretty much an obsolete notion.
>> Software exist to serve the users' needs. I need minimizing.
>Adding a minimize button would go against the whole design since the
>windows don't have a place to go when they are minimized. It's more
>making windows disappear.
>> I believe the number of people that need minimizing vastly outnumber
>those who don't.

I don't believe anyone needs minimizing. Why are you minimizing windows? Windows can go to the back of the stack - where they interfere with nothing - or be dumped on another workspace. I don't see any reason to have an invisible application running. That sounds like it should be reimplemented as a session service.

>> >> 2. Switching between widows is PAINFUL. The options I have is:
>> >> mouse to top-left or press the window key.
>> > Alt-tab / Alt-tick
>> Window management should not require keyboard.

And it doesn't, But if you want to do fast window management you can. If you choose not too...

>That's your personal opinion. I agree with you that we should have

And there are options.

>but I was told on this list that the project avoids adding
>options which would result in additional code paths.

Which seems reasonable. Although you can already manage windows multiple ways, tweak settings with tweak tool, or install extensions that can reimplement all kinds of things.
Adam Tauno Williams

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