Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell


and I'm saying that maybe if *should* be kept because it is actually useful.

Er, no. Your point was that it should be kept because it exists, and proper solutions don't.

At least that was your point after you suggested cases in which it would be useful, and I suggested "perfect solutions" (those were your words) for them. Minimizing exists, those don't. Hence my reply.
Actually, if the application has several windows, among which one is minimized, clicking the launcher icon will present one of the windows of the application, not create a new one.

Just to be on the same page: I was talking about my mom's problems with minimization using Gnome 2. Are you talking about Gnome 2, too?
Applications developers. If they fail to it properly, distributions. Exactly like every other property in the desktop files.

So, for example, you would make Firefox minimize when you hit the close button? Were to? Would you create a notification icon for it, like the ones Empathy, Transmission or Banshee have? Because that would clutter the notification area even more.

Or would you just minimize it to the taskbar? Because it would create even more complexity: you would have some apps close when X is pressed, some others minimize to the tray, and yet a third group minimize to the taskbar. Do you realize the mess?

Also, how would you decide which apps would need this? Specific ones? All of those which can have multiple windows? Don't you think it's too much of a hassle just to have minimization back?

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