Re: My opinions on Gnome Shell

On 20/06/11 11:57, David Prieto wrote:
>     There are more reasons to want particular application to be running
>     for some time without interfering with others, I gave just one.
> This could be a good time to tell us what those other reasons are.

A window that is part of the current task, but not needed for a period
of time yet you do not wish to lose your place?  Leave it cluttering the
desktop, move to another desktop, or minimize?

Client walks into your office whilst you have confidential information
relating to another client on screen?

I knew one user who knew about Alt-Tab but just "didn't like it".  She
would always switch between windows by minimizing all then restoring the
one she wanted.  Granted, I hated seeing here do that, but she was
comfortable with it.

Minimize isn't the only answer in any of these cases, but it has always
been a convenience which has essentially disappeared.  People work in
many different ways, and what works for one does not necessarily work
for another.

>     Also, I do not classify things I'm doing as "tasks" or "window
>     management".
> You don't need to. When there is a window that you would like to
> minimize because it's not related to what you're doing at the moment,
> just throw it to another workspace. Then, when you're done with the
> current task, you can move to that other workspace to give the window a
> look.
> You'll get the same benefits but the window will interfere with your
> work even less, because you won't even see it in the taskbar like you
> used to.

Firstly, just "throwing" the window to another workspace is easier to
say than do if you only use the mouse (and no amount of training will
persuade _some_ people to do any different.)

Secondly, I don't think you should assume that a taskbar necessarily
interferes with my work.  Sometimes it can, but I can always move the
interfering window to another workspace if I simply cannot control myself.

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