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This is here:
Yes, except that there is no "sound menu" in gnome-shell.
I agree, but there is not such thing currently in gnome-shell.

Obviously. We probably wouldn't be having this discussion if those were implemented.
The solutions you described before are perfect solutions to this problem, but none of them currently exist in gnome shell. As a real current user of gnome shell, I would love to see a solution based on
what's currently already implemented: minimization.

Minimization does not exist in gnome shell, at least not as part of the new workflow. It does exist as a vestigial trace of the old one, a sign of how things used to work, but it has no place in the way things work now, and I wouldn't be surprised if the ability to minimize totally disappears in 3.2, even from the Alt+Space menu.
When new solutions are developed, then - and only then - can minimization be declared obsolete.

Quite the opposite. Exposing underlying problems is a vital step to solve them. Giving prominence to minimization "until a real solution arrives" is, IMO, sweeping the dirt under the carpet. And it's a great way to make sure that a real solution never comes.
If they knew how to launch the application the first time, I guess the natural reaction to the window disappearing will to try to re-launch it, which will result in displaying it again.

That's the case with applications that only have one window, e.g. Totem. Not with applications that can have multiple windows, e.g. Firefox, for which a new, empty window is created.
As I already said in another email, to avoid duplicity, just assign the close button to "minimize" for applications that need it. Then, specify it in the desktop file.

And whose work would that be? Gnome developers? Distributions? Me, my mom?

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