Re: Application menu / switcher

The 10.10 Netbook version of Ubuntu is already moving in this direction. See�Mark Shuttleworth's statements here:�

Most importantly, he says:

By default, we�d display the contents of the title bar. When you mouse up to the panel, or when you press the Alt key, the contents would switch to the menu. That way, you�re looking at the document title most of the time, unless you move towards it to click on the menu.


It�s not confirmed yet, but we will aim to go beyond what Apple and others have done with panel menus, to consolidate both the window title (and window controls) into the panel along with the menu.�

This almost perfectly fits in with the current layout of the Shell panel and it sums up a few of topics that have been discussed about the Shell (removing title bars, Shell taking over tabbing of windows (kinda), and a global menu). While this will only be default in the netbook version, I truly�believe�that for us, a global menu (and perhaps the Shell taking over title bars/tabbing) is a very smart decision. You can read my original proposal for something like this (global menu part) here:

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