Re: Application menu / switcher

So, to change the subject a little bit, what does everyone think about Tomasz Sterna's mockup idea for a application menu here?  What needs to be done to get that implemented? 

Personally I'm excited about it, just in case you couldn't tell from my previous messages :)

On 04/15/2010 03:18 PM, Tanner Doshier wrote:

BIG BIG BIG plus +1 on the idea from Tomasz Sterna!!  This:
is the way to go!  I was just typing a long winded response advocating doing exactly this.

I actually already sent a long winded advocacy note for doing this, see:

No one seemed that interested though. (Its not exactly the same thing as the mock-up here, but same idea)

And I thought there was already something filed on Bugzilla for a right click of the App Title in the panel to bring up a window list. Can't find it now though.

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