One-click window switcher.

Dnia 2010-04-14, śro o godzinie 16:29 +0200, Rovanion Luckey pisze:
> We do not want to create the shell as a product that when it is out,
> people will talk about it in terms of: "Yes gnome shell is wicked
> cool! You just have to add a dock for window switching and then it is
> totally awesome!". Gnome Shell should be released as a finished
> product, not something where the general consensus is that you have to
> change and add a lot of stuff to get it working. It should simply
> work.

This is what I do agree.
But "you need to put dock in" for me is a solution looking for an

We should attempt it from an analytical point of view, not by "I have a
nice feature that would seem to fit in".

The problem is: Current Gnome Shell lacks one-click active window
switcher. Let's think how could we solve it.

Copy-Pasting Dock is not very creative solution.

I proposed three others, already implemented in other window managers.

Personally I would like to see minimized windows on the desktop.
Together with other desktop icons. I could just minimize current one and
pick the one I want.

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