Re: Vincent Untz and the "users that like to hate people"

On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 21:44 +0800, Ma Xiaojun wrote:
On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 9:04 PM, Marco Scannadinari
<marco scannadinari co uk> wrote:
What's wrong with the terminal?
Because we assume that normal user don't need terminal to use GNOME.

Enough with the "normal user" card.  This is a straw man.

The user knows what a "wireless chipset" is??? They are outside the set
described by "normal user".  A "normal user" expects hardware to "just
work", if it doesn't, it is "broken".   Spending scarce development
resources on sophisticated debugging UIs/

Adam Tauno Williams  GPG D95ED383
Systems Administrator, Python Developer, LPI / NCLA

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