Re: Questions regarding Sun's gnome 2.6 implementation

"Karsten =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Br=E4ckelmann?=" <guenther rudersport de> writes:

>>[description of problems with maximized xterm window deleted]
>Btw, did you ever try gnome-terminal instead of xterm? Does it behave

I just tried it and the terminal manager does not exhibit the problem when
maximized.  The text in the window remains above the bottom border unlike
the xterm window.  I also experimented with different themes and found that
over half (blueprint, crux, ocean dream, high contrast, large print and
traditional) all share the problem of dropping text below the bottom border
when maximized while the others (grand canyon, mist, simple and smoke blue)
do not exhibit this problem.  I don't know if this is due to bugs in the
various themes or whether (and I would guess more likely) it is just a
byproduct of the different geometries of these themes.  Still, someone at
Sun should probably take a look at this to see what the answer is.

>>[notes about moving windows to an alternate workspace deleted]
>I believe this is a design decision in the window manager.

>Personally, I don't use this anyway. It is too slow, needs to many
>clicks, and most importantly... Wants me to use the mouse. ;)

>What I *do* use though, are keyboard shortcuts to move windows. I don't
>recall if GNOME 2.6 supports this, but if so, you just need to have a
>look at your Keyboard Shortcuts preferences -- assign keys, if they are
>not by default. I got the option to define keys to directly move a
>window to any workspace. And to switch to any workspace directly. Also I
>got the options to switch workspaces left and right. And to move windows
>the same...

Yes, I have those options enabled also. However, while
<Shift><Mod><F[1234]> do move the windows to an alternate workspace and
<Mod><F[1234]> do move the focus to the alternate desktop, I still don't
see an option for doing both operations in one step.  I agree that the
"Move to Another Workspace" menu options are a bit inconvenient since they
have been moved to a sub-menu.  They used to be directly available on the
initial menu.  I will have to investigate and see if I can determine a way
to modify the menus to get the commands back where I like them.

>The latter two actually are what I really do use often. Moving
>workspaces left and and right -- and optionally, to take the active
>window with me... Most useful to me. :)

When you say "take the active window with me", does this mean you are doing
both move and refocus in one step?


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