Re: Questions regarding Sun's gnome 2.6 implementation

Calum Benson <Calum Benson Sun COM> writes:

>Will have to have a play with the two versions to see exactly what  
>you mean,


I noticed that if you toggle an xterm into fullscreen mode, all lines of
text remain visible on the screen (no window frame) while if you toggle
into maximization state (with window borders visible) then the problem of
the text lines dropping below the lower border occurs.  I'm using the Crux
theme, so maybe it is a problem in that theme definition where the window
decorations are not being accurately defined so that the desktop manager
then doesn't calculate geometry appropriately.  Later I'll try switching
themes and see if this behavior changes.

>but in the meantime, maybe the 'maximize vertically' window manager
>command would do what you want?  (I *think* it was around in 2.6...)  It's
>accessible via a keyboard shortcut only, which you have to define yourself
>in the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences window.  I use Shift-Alt-F10, since
>Alt-F10 is used for the 'regular' maximize function.

This is great and it does work properly, adjusting the xterm window a
little shy of the full height of the desktop so that it maintains full
lines of text - exactly what maximize should do.  However, this function
does not act as a toggle and I can find no way to restore the window to its
original geometry after maximizing vertically.  I thought that "Unmaximize
window" (<Alt>F5) should do this, but it only works with the standard full
screen maximize function.  Do you know of a function that undoes (or better
yet, toggles) the vertical and horizontal maximizations?  I also wish there
were an easy way to assign functions like this to the top bar double-click

You have made my life so much better in the past few days by helping me to
get these desktop function working.  I have one more thing I would like to
accomplish.  In Gnome 2.0, when I right-clicked on a window frame and selected
the command to move the window to another workspace, the window focus would
move along with the window.  For example, if on workspace #1 I moved a window
to workspace #3, the window would now be on workspace #3 and I would also now
be looking at workspace #3.  In JDS 3.0, the window moves as instructed, but
the focus remains on workspace #1.  Is there a setting in gconf that controls
this behavior?  I've looked through the list but don't see anything obvious.


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