Re: Questions regarding Sun's gnome 2.6 implementation

On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 18:52 +0000, Jeffery Small wrote:
> I just upgraded from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10 on a SPARC system and moved
> from Sun's native gnome 2.0 to 2.6 as part of their Java Desktop System.
> Here are some issues that I am noticing and I'm curious if there are any
> configuration options or work-arounds available to address them.
>  *  I have a dual screen configuration running two separate desktops.  Each
>     desktop has a panel with a "Show Desktop" button.  However, clicking
>     the button on the second screen causes the contents of the first screen
>     to disappear.  Is this a known issue with a fix?

From this bug report, it seems it was fixed in the 2.10 cycle;

>  *  On the second desktop, I add a drawer or a launcher to the panel and
>     bring up the properties menu.  When I click on the "Icon" box, the
>     panels on both desktops disappear momentarily, are then redrawn and
>     the properties menu disappears.  It is impossible to add an icon using
>     the properties menu.  There is no such problem on the original desktop,
>     only on the second screen.  Any know work-around?
>  *  Is there a way to get rid of the "This Computer", "Documents", "Network
>     Places" and "Trash" icons from the desktop?

Check the gconf keys for /apps/nautilus. You should be able to disable
most of these (or disable nautilus drawing the desktop fully), but I'm
not sure if it applies to 2.6.

>  *  The in-box monitor in the panel requires a double-click to execute the
>     underlying mail reader.  Is there a way to change this to a single
>     click?

Possibly fixed in 2.6.1, see these bugs:

>  *  In what version of gnome were the following features implemented?  I
>     thought I had these capabilities in gnome 2.0, but I may be confusing
>     it with a later release.  I would like to implement them in gnome
>     2.6 if possible.
>       - When moving a window on the screen, holding down Shift while
>         dragging the window causes it to "snap" into alignment with
> 	another window or the edge of the screen.

This is edge resistance? If so, it looks like this was introduced in
metacity 2.13.2.

>       - When resizing an xterm window, the current size of the window,
>         in character units, is displayed.

From what I can tell from the changelog, this is called resizepopup and
should have been available as far back as 2002?

As a general rule, you can find out a lot by searching the bug tracker, and skimming through the changelogs (online

Anyway, HTH!

Sven Arvidsson
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