Re: Questions regarding Sun's gnome 2.6 implementation

Calum Benson <Calum Benson Sun COM> writes:

>GNOME 2.0 was never a supported product from Sun, just a free  
>download for anyone who was interested.  (I'm not sure if the  
>reduced_resources flag even existed in 2.0, I forget off-hand.)

>For 2.6, a supported product, we had to support Sun Ray  
>installations, which generally benefit from the reduced_resources  
>flag being set.  There's also still a lot of old Sun hardware out  
>there (even more so back when GNOME 2.6 was released), on which GNOME  
>runs a *lot* less smoothly than CDE.  So the reduced_resources flag  
>was just set by default to provide the smoothest experience for as  
>many of our users as possible.


Thanks for the explanation.  Possibly Sun should consider creating a
Desktop Configuration document that was promently displayed somewhere in
Gnome (maybe a Launch->Documents->README file) that would give users a
short tutorial in certain basic features like this, describing the reason
for the settings and how to change them if desired.  In any case, thanks
again for getting me on the right track.

Now that everything is working pretty well, I still notice one issue that
I think must be a bug.  I'm using xterm windows.  In Gnome 2.0, if you
pressed the Maximize button, the window would expand as much as possible
while still retaining the necessary geometry to support the current font.
In JDS 3.0, the xterm window expands to fill the desktop area (less panel
of course).  The result is that text along the bottom edge of the xterm
window now extends down below the frame of the window and is unreadable.
This makes use of the maximizing function fairly useless.  Someone at Sun
should look to see what change was made in this function and see if it
can be fixed.  I wonder if other people using a non-Sun version of Gnome
at or after version 2.6 see this problem as well?


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