Re: Questions regarding Sun's gnome 2.6 implementation

On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 23:02 +0200, Sven Arvidsson wrote:

> >  *  In what version of gnome were the following features implemented?  I
> >     thought I had these capabilities in gnome 2.0, but I may be confusing
> >     it with a later release.  I would like to implement them in gnome
> >     2.6 if possible.
> > 
> >       - When moving a window on the screen, holding down Shift while
> >         dragging the window causes it to "snap" into alignment with
> > 	another window or the edge of the screen.
> This is edge resistance? If so, it looks like this was introduced in
> metacity 2.13.2.

This isn't actually the edge resistance feature, which happens without
holding a modifier.  The Shift-to-Snap feature has been around for a
long time, probably since about 2.4.

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