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  • Infrastructure | Move https://gitlab.gnome.org/ole/gnome-radio-14 to https://gitlab.gnome.org/Circle/gnome-radio (#735), Ole Aamot (@ole)
  • Infrastructure | Request a GNOME (LDAP) account (#733), Dhanuka Warusadura (@dhanuka)
  • Infrastructure | Email aliass error (#732), Jaime Anguiano Olarra (@jaime.a.olarra)
  • Infrastructure | Move https://gitlab.gnome.org/ole/gnome-radio-040 to https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-radio (#731), Ole Aamot (@ole)
  • Re: Infrastructure | New mirror Germany + AMPRNet (#695), Jehan (@Jehan)
  • Infrastructure | Archive gnome-documents (#730), Christopher Davis (@BrainBlasted)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins and themes have automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | GIMP mirror http://www.gimp.ca/mirror/ (#729), Tom Rathborne (@tom.rathborne)
  • Infrastructure | Migrate flatpak-rs to Rust/World (#728), Bilal Elmoussaoui (@bilelmoussaoui)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some themes were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | gitlab runner with KVM for openqa-tests repo (#727), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Infrastructure | Update telemaco's account (#726), Roberto Majadas (@telemaco)
  • Infrastructure | New repository GNOME/openqa-tests (#725), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Infrastructure | Lysator wants mirror status per new guidelines (#724), andkem (@andkem)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Access token required for lorry mirrors group (#705), Kyle Mckay (@kymckay)
  • Re: Infrastructure | New mirror request: mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu (#718), Andrea Veri (@averi)
  • Infrastructure | OpenShift: docker build fails to pull fedora repository metadata (#723), Andy Holmes (@andyholmes)
  • Infrastructure | macos CI fails with (#722), Philip Withnall (@pwithnall)
  • Infrastructure | New Mirror UK (#721), Youds Media Ltd (@youds)
  • Infrastructure | Rescue openqa.gnome.org - no SSH daemon running (#720), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)

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