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  • [Bug 648955] New: Project hosting for GtkImageView, sysadmin
  • [Bug 606005] DataBase Error, website
  • hosting Banshee releases on gnome.org, Gabriel Burt
  • [Bug 648664] New: ftpadmin: crash while installing my tarballs today, sysadmin
  • [Bug 643283] Update highlight version to support Vala language, sysadmin
  • [Bug 648631] New: Missing some newlines in the ftpadmin script output, sysadmin
  • i swear to god..., Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 648112] New: Please create GUPnP list, sysadmin
  • Event pre-work page and GNOME Domain., Suresh Packiyarajah
  • [Bug 647890] New: UnicodeEncodeError when installing tarball, sysadmin
  • [Bug 647859] New: Rename project rygel-grilo to grilo-ms2, sysadmin
  • getting a domain of srilanaka.gnome.org, Suresh Packiyarajah
  • Re: Gnome user group and Gnome 3 release Event! from srilanaka., Sureshkumar Packiyarajah
  • [ovitters src gnome org: [art-web] download: don't read from mirror, read from local copy\!], Olav Vitters
  • Copyright assignments, Olav Vitters
  • [Bug 647563] New: Password for seahorse-list, sysadmin
  • bugzilla down?, Adam Dingle
  • [Bug 647201] New: ftpadmin does not work with Solaris tar, sysadmin
  • Few configuration tweaks for GNOME 3 website release, Owen Taylor
  • [Bug 646956] New: Upgrade Planet software to git head, website
  • [Bug 628201] mod_wsgi support on window.gnome.org, sysadmin
  • [Bug 646856] New: ftpadmin install should delete original tarball, sysadmin
  • [Bug 646821] New: Move GNOME Journal from Textpattern to WordPress, sysadmin
  • [Bug 646763] New: Upgrade gnomejournal.org Textpattern installation, sysadmin
  • [Bug 646701] New: Please delete a tag, sysadmin
  • [Bug 641224] Request a few more IP addresses for new VMs, sysadmin
  • [Bug 610352] Ensure Python sysadmin scripts are Python 2.6 compatible, sysadmin
  • [Bug 609718] Create a secure python script for Mango password resets, sysadmin
  • [Bug 617279] create-auth should check if LDAP database is empty, sysadmin

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