hosting Banshee releases on


We (the Banshee maintainers) are interested in hosting our Banshee
releases on  They are currently hosted on our website,
eg <>.  I wanted to
ask here because it could have non-negligible disk space and bandwidth
implications because of our user-focused builds (.msi, .dmg installer,
and potentially a Linux bundle soon).

We do about 12 releases a year, currently at around 74 MB per release
- but would be around 120 MB if we add a Linux bundle.  So per year,
could be somewhere around 1440 MB.  We have 968 MB of existing release
files we'd probably want to migrate as well (assuming that's

In terms of bandwidth, the user-focused builds are my concern.  Since
Feb, our alpha releases of Banshee on Windows have been downloaded by
20k IPs, and our beta builds for OS X by 4k users, and there's
potential for one or both of these to get substantially more popular.

Given all that, would it be OK for us to move to hosting our releases



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