Re: Perl Packages [was: Re: GNOME Bugzilla Upgrade: Test Upgrade On Friday?]

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 10:31:46AM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> (from this January)
> adds support for setting yum options like 'protect = 1' on the RHN
> repositories. You do this by adding the options to the appropriate
> section in:


> For Window it is pretty clear that the non-perl RPM-forge packages are
> just stray upgrades.
> Window
> ======
> python-paramiko-1.7.4-1.el5.rf      1.7.4 available in EPEL
> subversion-perl-1.4.3-0.1.el5.rf    1.4.2 is the base RHEL version
> subversion-1.4.3-0.1.el5.rf         1.4.2 is the base RHEL version
> python-dateutil-1.2-1.el5.rf        1.2 is in EPEL as well
> p7zip-4.57-1.el5.rf                 4.61 available in EPEL

Above: all use EPEL/RHEL.

> ngrep-1.45-1.el5.rf                 Not in EPEL. Do we need?

Used it once for debugging (seeing the HTTP request). Can be removed.

> Menubar is a more complicated situation, We have the RPMForge versions
> of clamav and amavis installed, rather than the EPEL versions. Then we
> have a whole pile of unarchivers that are presumably used by clamav to
> enhance its operations, many of which aren't available in EPEL. (and
> gocr - does spamassassin really try to OCR images? Or is it just a
> stray...)

I configured gocr when spammers used it often. So it is still somewhere
in the config. But we could drop it.

> Menubar
> =======
> git-       packaged in GNOME repo

Should use GNOME.

> lzop-1.01-2.el5.rf                  1.02 available in EPEL
> lzo-1.08-4.2.el5.rf                 2.02 available in EPEL
> lzo-devel-1.08-4.2.el5.rf           "
> amavisd-new-2.5.4-1.el5.rf          2.4.5-1.el5 available in EPEL
> clamav-0.94-1.el5.rf                0.95.1 available in EPEL
> clamav-db-0.94-1.el5.rf             "
> clamd-0.94-1.el5.rf                 "
> cabextract-1.2-1.el5.rf             1.1-5 available in EPEL
> rrdtool-1.2.23-1.el5.rf             1.2.27-3 available in EPEL
> nomarch-1.4-1.el5.rf                1.4 available in EPEL

Just use EPEL.

> ngrep-1.45-1.el5.rf                 Not in EPEL. Do we need?

Remove it.

> p0f-2.0.8-1.el5.rf                  Not in EPEL. Do we need?

Required. I use it for spamfiltering. It is a very good source
(basically: passively determines the OS of the connecting machine to
apply e.g. a +1 score to Windows XP)

> ripole-0.2.0-1.2.el5.rf 
> freeze-2.5.0-1.2.el5.rf
> unrar-3.8.2-1.el5.rf
> zoo-2.10-2.2.el5.rf
> lha-1.14i-19.2.2.el5.rf
> arc-5.21o-1.el5.rf
> unarj-2.63-0.a.2.el5.rf
> gocr-0.44-1.el5.rf
> Once we get menubar into the puppet system, I don't see any practical
> alternative to just listing the 10-15 extra packages we need from
> RPMForge in our rpmforge.repo includepkgs line. We probably also want to
> exclude clamav and amavis from epel.repo to prevent them from bouncing
> back and forth between the package sources.


Note: sometimes rpmforge and EPEL have differences in the setup. So be
careful with clam* and amavis*.


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