Re: GNOME Bugzilla Upgrade: Test Upgrade On Friday?

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 12:30:19AM -0700, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> Olav Vitters wrote:
>> That should not be a problem. The database is backed up every night on
>> the button machine and stored in /var/lib/mysql-backup (using
>> mysqlhotcopy). Can you handle these files as is, or do you need a
>> mysqldump?
> 	I can handle the files as-is, if I can get access to the machine.

Probably cron it to store it in your homedir, this as it is another

>>> 	I'd like to send out a link to the current test site for the 
>>> upgraded  Bugzilla ASAP, to the desktop-devel list. Is that OK?
>> Yes. Be very careful how you word the email though. This is likely a
>> bike shed topic. Loads of negative comments.
> 	Okay. I was thinking of just pointing out that the test installation is  
> for bug finding, not for UI changes at this point--that is, that there  
> will (theoretically, provided funding appears) continue to be customized  
> improvements to the UI as we go forward, but the general requirements  
> are set.


>> Current server. I heard something about a new server, but no hardware
>> atm. Plus I forgot what it was intended for. Hmm, think to replace our
>> database machine.
> 	Okay. How much RAM does the current (web server) machine have? Are  
> there other apps running on it?

It is label at:

Shouldn't do Bugzilla. However, main box went down (a long time ago).

>> You won't get root on the machine. Shell access might be possible
>> ('bugzilla' user). Somewhat involved as it is our LDAP master and it
>> doesn't do LDAP for itself.
>> First would require setting up a userid.
> 	Okay. I can send you my public SSH key, if necessary, too. What do I  
> have to do to get started there?

Just request 'Bugzilla shell' account (only) using instructions at:

> 	Theoretically nothing needs to be done by root, unless you want to  
> install the Perl modules globally via RPMs (which I do recommend, since  
> that way they'll get upgraded "for free" when you do yum updates).

I want everything via RPMs unless there is a good reason not to.


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