Re: GNOME Bugzilla Upgrade: Test Upgrade On Friday?

Olav Vitters wrote:
That should not be a problem. The database is backed up every night on
the button machine and stored in /var/lib/mysql-backup (using
mysqlhotcopy). Can you handle these files as is, or do you need a

	I can handle the files as-is, if I can get access to the machine.

I'd like to send out a link to the current test site for the upgraded Bugzilla ASAP, to the desktop-devel list. Is that OK?

Yes. Be very careful how you word the email though. This is likely a
bike shed topic. Loads of negative comments.

Okay. I was thinking of just pointing out that the test installation is for bug finding, not for UI changes at this point--that is, that there will (theoretically, provided funding appears) continue to be customized improvements to the UI as we go forward, but the general requirements are set.

Current server. I heard something about a new server, but no hardware
atm. Plus I forgot what it was intended for. Hmm, think to replace our
database machine.

Okay. How much RAM does the current (web server) machine have? Are there other apps running on it?

You won't get root on the machine. Shell access might be possible
('bugzilla' user). Somewhat involved as it is our LDAP master and it
doesn't do LDAP for itself.
First would require setting up a userid.

Okay. I can send you my public SSH key, if necessary, too. What do I have to do to get started there?

Theoretically nothing needs to be done by root, unless you want to install the Perl modules globally via RPMs (which I do recommend, since that way they'll get upgraded "for free" when you do yum updates).

Max Kanat-Alexander
Chief Engineer
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