Re: modifications in Lithuanian gnumeric translation

2010.07.16 22:09 Žygimantas Beručka rašė:
> Hi all,
> Pn, 2010 07 16 19:23 +0300, Tomas Kuliavas rašė:
>> Is voting highly subjective term? I was not asking much on my page about
>> gnome. Prove that "failas" has absolute majority in mailing list. Simple
>> and does not require any external statistics. He could not do that in
>> those bug report links you posted, because I suspect that 800 vs 300 and
>> 58% vs 36% is not absolute majority.
>> He might be able to do that now, when he and other "failas" gang members
>> dominate major OSS translation projects. Yet somehow he does not want to
>> take that risk and hides behind "translation team rules" that he wrote
>> himself.
> First of all, I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Secondly, an
> opinion of people on any third-party mailing list in question is not the
> deciding criterion on any issue by any means.

Which one of us is being democratic and who is /censured/ Palpatin. You
don't want response from others and want to keep everything the way you
like. If you went democratic way and respected work of others, you would
not have this argument with me.

> Thirdly, the "failas vs. byla" story has gone into oblivion for good.

It is not gone. You just want to be that way, because you managed to have
upper hand in pushing your version.

> 2) KDE,, Mozilla's projects, and many others all
> use "failas" (not to mention Microsoft, you seem to hate so much).

Which ones are controlled by your friends and had translation pushed
against original translator. Maybe R.Kudelis might point at translation he
corrupted and so happy about it.

> 500 hundred strings is OK. However, as far as I am concerned, the
> behaviour which includes FUD, personal attacks (of which I have had
> enough from you), provocations (such as the above), egocentricity
> (credits, credits, credits; when no one even thinks of questioning
> them!),

How much you got from AKL for Lithuanian Gnome?

> That is why Gintas said that he can remove your contributions (there is
> nothing in GPL, that would force him to do this, though), if you are
> unable to cope with having something changed in the name of consistency,
> and other reasons he, as a team leader, might have. It is a pity,
> though. If I were him, I would second Ihar and care more about users, as
> GPL's spirit is also in users' favour in this case. See? Gintas is too
> kind. :)

He also pointed that he does not have to and does not want to. This only
means that he won't remove it. It is OK to accept my work, but it is not
OK, when I raise my voice about unacceptable changes in my work. Which one
of us is being bad guy in this context?

If someone again points are code of conduit, this is personal. You would
act the same way, if someone /censured/ something you are emotionally
attached to. Don't judge others, if you don't want to be judged same way.


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