Re: modifications in Lithuanian gnumeric translation

Am Freitag, den 16.07.2010, 17:55 +0300 schrieb Tomas Kuliavas:
> I have two acceptable solutions:
> 1. Ž.Beručka proves that byla->failas replacement
> - is acceptable

It has been written several times now that gnome-i18n@ will NOT discuss
linguistical issues of the Lithuanian language. Please do understand
that and do not come up with this aspect again on this mailing list.
(Also note that "proving" is a highly subjective term.)

> 2. my translation is not used and reverted to previous state
> (

You offered a contribution by uploading it to It was
reviewed by a person according to the translation team's hierarchy.
Parts of your contribution were accepted while some parts were altered
("corrected" or "corrupted", depending on points of view).
That's how it works. There is no rule that a contribution must be
committed "as a whole" and cannot be altered.
Hence nothing to discuss on this mailing list.

> When I updated gnumeric translation on vertimus, I've deliberately put
> translation coordinator in situation when he could either reject my
> work or commit translation with style changes

Contributing but not accepting the guidelines/rules/traditions of the
translation team and starting fights on it afterwards - though it seems
that it was totally clear to you and expected by you beforehand that
changes to your translation will take place while or after committing
your contribution - does not make much sense.
Does it to you? And would you have reacted differently if your
contribution had been rejected? If so, how?

> If you want to do your way, you will have yet another disgruntled
> translator, but G.Miliauskas and Ž.Beručka should resign their copyrights
> on this translation to FSF like I did.

That is entirely up to them (being the authors) and their personal
decision, hence not a topic for this mailing list either.

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