Re: modifications in Lithuanian gnumeric translation

2010.07.16 15:54 Andre Klapper rašė:
> Am Freitag, den 16.07.2010, 15:37 +0300 schrieb Tomas Kuliavas:
>> > What are "massive style changes"?
>> > I don't see many changes in
>> > except for
>> replacing
>> > "bylą" by "failą" which was already discussed on this mailing list and
>> > hence is not a topic here anymore but could be discussed on the
>> > Lithuanian mailing list if there was/is (still) a need.
>> Ž.Beručka never discussed it on mailing list, when he replaced my
>> translation with his version.
> No idea what "it" is.
> Plus it seems that you ignore any of my questions to you.

replacement of "file" translation

>> He could replace translation if he did it
>> correctly, but instead of asking others about their opinion, he decided
>> to
>> replace translation and fight of opponents after they notice what he
>> have
>> done.
> Please always provide proof for your statements, e.g. by URLs, otherwise
> such statements could be considered FUD. does not have copy of that page and I've already removed that
clause from

"file" translation could be replaced if people on Lithuanian translation
list agreed on that. If person replaces it without consulting original
translator, what kind of reaction you expect.

>> It is up to his moral standards to reject my contribution, if he knows
>> how I will react when he replaces that word in my translation.
>> Please remove my contributions from Gnome or ask that unscrupulous
>> person to do that.
> Stop your insults and your non-constructive attitude.
> Read before sending any further
> emails to this mailing list.

I am only asking to respect my opinion and my work. Any person can replace
translation style and it takes a lot of work to create whole translation.

Yes, I might be breaking some code rules, but it is caused by disrespect
to my work. Coordinator should not have committed modified translation to
gnome software repository, since he knew what kind of rage replacement of
that word will cause.


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