Re: esperanta tradukado

I implore you to just ignore Launchpad's Ubuntu translations. None of
the work done there will ever find its way upstream.

I used to be a en_GB translator there, but left after they made some bad
decisions, and still didn't upstream anything (I was promised on joining
that they would).

Bruce, thanks for your suggestion. but after looking I found out that for example gedit seems fully translated to Esperanto in Launchpad:

Of course I can't ignore this work.
And It should be brought upstream, of course.

So should I just upload this work to (notifying and thanking the authors, perhaps)?
(I still don't have direct git commit access)


Jacob Nordfalk
Venu al la plej granda kultura evento en esperantujo: Kultura Esperanto-Festivalo - la 7a ĝis la 12a de julio 2009 -
एस्पेरान्तो के हो?

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