Re: esperanta tradukado

Le dimanche 14 juin 2009 à 02:34 +0200, Jacob Nordfalk a écrit :
> 2009/6/14 Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>
>         Am Sonntag, den 14.06.2009, 01:11 +0200 schrieb Jacob
>         Nordfalk:
>         > Here's first question:
>         > 1) In daily life I actually use Ubuntu (8.10) and the Gnome
>         > applications in Esperanto.
>         > Most of the apps are actually working fine in Esperanto, but
>         anyway
>         > when I look at the Esperanto
>         coverace
>         > seems down to about 6%.
>         > How can that be?
>         > Is it becaurse there is some downstream translation going on
>         for
>         > Ubuntu?
>         Yes. Ubuntu maintains downstream translations in Launchpad,
>         and it's
>         always a pity when this stuff does not get upstream so all
>         distributions
>         shipping GNOME can receive the benefits of better Esperanto
>         support.
> OK.
> Kim and I'll have a look into whether theres something to import from
> downstream, but it doesent seem so to me:  When I look at
> its completely
> empty. 
> So quetion 2: Is Launchpad just not working properly, or ARE there
> actually nothing to get downstream for Esperanto?

You just didn't look at the right place. Here it is:

Everywhere you see purple color, that means the package contains
non-upstreamed translations.
> Question 3: Looking at I'm in
> doubt whether to concentrate on GNOME 2.26 or 2.28. Will changes I
> commit to 2.26 also go into 2.28 if no original text has changed?

Go with 2.28, as Andre told you.
> Question 4: At
> it says 0%
> translated and the master is empty BUT two translations have been
> submitted by a user.

This is not two translations. The first one is the translation uploaded
by the user, and the second one is an automatically merged version by
the system with the latest POT file.

> How do I get them the whole way into to the repositiry?
> By downloading the whole source code by git and then making a patch
> (after reviewing)? 
> Isnt there an easier way?

Downloading source code from Git is only useful if you're pushing the
file yourself.
The suggested workflow is:
- download the *.merged.po file, proofread and complete it if needed.
You can use the "Reserve for proofreading", "Upload the proofread
translation", "Ready to commit" actions to achieve this.
- as long as you don't own a Git account, write to this list whenever
you have files to commit, either on in the Ready to
commit state or in a Bugzilla report, at your convenance. 


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