Re: esperanta tradukado

On Sun, 2009-06-14 at 02:34 +0200, Jacob Nordfalk wrote:

> OK.
> Kim and I'll have a look into whether theres something to import from
> downstream, but it doesent seem so to me:  When I look at
> its completely
> empty. 
> So quetion 2: Is Launchpad just not working properly, or ARE there
> actually nothing to get downstream for Esperanto?

I implore you to just ignore Launchpad's Ubuntu translations. None of
the work done there will ever find its way upstream.

I used to be a en_GB translator there, but left after they made some bad
decisions, and still didn't upstream anything (I was promised on joining
that they would).
Bruce Cowan <bcowan fastmail co uk>

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