Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp-2.8_Save and save as bad behavior

Alexandre Prokoudine schreef op zo 12-08-2012 om 21:09 [+0400]:
"...there are thousands more GIMP users who didn't find the issue was
worth complaining about" absolutely doesn't imply that.

This is not black and white world where people either support or not
support things. There's such a thing as indifference.

We know absolutely nothing about what all those people think. And
since we don't, there's nothing we can or should do about it. Worrying
about the unknown is the single most meaningless activity.


I do follow the gimp-user list for some time now and I really do like
the new behaviour. 

I use Gimp (and often Cinepaint too, at least until Gimp supports 16 bit
per channel; I noticed the git development version does, but it looks
like it still has some issues with colors/color profiles, but thats a
different story) for editing scanned black and white and color images,
which often involves quite some layer/selection/mask work (I more or
less do what I do in the darkroom too and most of the time, it involves
selections, layers and masks). And I absolutely love the new behaviour
for these tasks. It is easy to export intermediate results to send to
others or to compare changes to.

It is maybe not necessary for simpler tasks, but for these tasks
exporting (without saving) and realising that nothing is lost by not
saving isn't too cumbersome either. I agree that maybe 2.6 was a little
bit easier for these tasks, but I prefer the advantages of the new
behaviour for the photos which require more work.

So please, don't count my silence so far as indifference...

Maarten De Munck

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