Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp-2.8_Save and save as bad behavior


I've tried to stay out of the save/export discussion so far, for the most part. But I have to say, the amount of flak the developers are taking about this is totally unjustified. I didn't like the new behavior at first, but I have gotten used to it... as can every other user. If you can't adapt, change the software. This is, after all, one of the benefits of FOSS - you are free to modify the code to fit your own needs.

On 8/11/2012 10:03 PM, kiwi_steve wrote:
And judging from the number of people (myself included) who are still annoyed about it and asking for it to be put back the way it was, the questions and concerns are NOT being answered - unless you call telling people to just get used to it because thats how it is now a solution.  

The Gimp development team needs to listen, and listen carefully.  This is a major change, and many people don't like it (yes, I know many do as well... but you've split the community, and thats the point I'm making).  I have respect for open-source developers, but I also wonder how hard-nosed the developers would be if this was a paid application and a bunch of their paying customers started complaining about a divisive change.  I hope they're not thinking that because they're not getting paid they can trample over half their user-base with impunity.

*half* their user base? I think that's rather an exaggeration.....
and I think that they deserve a little (read "a lot") of respect simply for being willing to go to all the work of creating the best image editing software out there without being paid for it!

I humbly ask that the developers please put it back the way it was, or at the very least have a "legacy save" option users can activate in the options so people like the original poster, myself and all the others who use Gimp regularly and hate this new save work-un-flow option can be happy again.

If you would read previous posts, you would know why this is not going to happen. As I stated earlier, if you really want it changed that badly, please feel free to modify the GIMP code.

My not-so-humble 2.5c (tax inclusive)


Sorry if this email sounded harsh in any way. I'm not trying to downplay your concerns, but I am getting rather tired of the same old arguments being brought up and hashed out again and again.

Devs, IIRC, something came up awhile back about putting this in the FAQ. Do you think someone could make a webpage just explaining all of this so the GIMP user community can put this subject to rest? =)


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