Re: [Gimp-developer] Windows 10 and Bash on Ubuntu

It sounds like you've managed it! As Partha says, you can't run graphical
Linux programs directly from win10, you need to install an X11 server on
the Windows side.

From the win desktop, install an X11 server, there are loads of free ones,
and start it running. Check the instructions on how to set the display

Back in the Linux shell, enter something like

export DISPLAY=0:

Then try running your gimp build. People have got the entire KDE desktop
working this way, so there's a good chance it'll just work.

You've made a Linux build of gimp so it won't be directly useful to windows
users, or easy to package or distribute. You'll need to look into the mingw
cross-compiler if you want to make a native windows binary from Linux.
On Sat, 4 Feb 2017 at 05:04, Petteri Soininen <pesoini gmail com> wrote:


Not gaining personally anything, but maybe making development builds
more accessible to those who come from MS Windows backgrounds.

Now they have to setup a Msys2 environment and do builds with that,
which isn't as easy as it sounds with instructions that are partly
outdated, but if Win10 has an Ubuntu shell, that probably is quite same
for everyone who uses it, so why not try to build GIMP for Windows with
that? GIMP isn't supposed to be an elitist Linux application, but a
serious cross platform tool for everyone. Or so I have thought this far.

- Petteri Soininen

On 4.2.2017 5:07, Partha Bagchi wrote:

On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 9:53 PM, Petteri Soininen <pesoini gmail com
<mailto:pesoini gmail com>> wrote:

    I'd probably try cross build since after 'sudo apt-get install
    gimp' and trying to run it, it fails on 'cannot open display' so I
    think that indicates the shell cannot run it under windows and
    gimp needs to be built as a cross build. But as said, I'm just a
    beginner.  :)

    - Petteri Soininen

Well, GIMP is a graphical application and X11 are not officially
supported on WSL. So, first you'll need to install X11 and then set
the display appropriately. If you are familiar with Linux this should
not be a problem. I think the command is something like export display.

If you simply plan to cross build, I am not sure what you are gaining
with WSL.

Hope that helps.

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