Re: [Gimp-developer] Windows 10 and Bash on Ubuntu


I was more like thinking if anyone has already done that so I could get some pointers and try it too. If that's not the case I probably can try building it myself and take notes to make a 'how to' so I can give advice to others who like to try the same. If during that I face problems, I'll probably try to ask help in IRC. That Bash shell probably is quite standard installation in WIn10, so making build instructions for that couldn't hurt (if that's even possible). :)

- Petteri Soininen

On 2.2.2017 22:13, Michael Schumacher wrote:

On 02/02/2017 08:05 PM, Petteri Soininen wrote:

Windows 10 introduced an Ubuntu Bash shell, so I'm interested if anyone
has compiled GIMP using that environment. I tried, but I'm just a newbie
and got into problems where gegl didn't see babl etc. so my environment
variable settings were probably either wrong or not effective or I just
messed up something.
Hi Petteri,

this is the point where you should explain what you did in regard to the
environment variable - as detailed as it would be necessary for someone
to reproduce what you did, without knowing what you did.

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