Re: [Gimp-developer] OSX

On 14.09.2014 22:11, Simone Karin Lehmann wrote:

It used to be like this on Windows for a looong time, and turned out
that many people want to use GIMP in a language different from their
system's - it is quite common for users to stick with the original
English, because about every tutorial you can find is written in this

This doesn't seem to be possible with your builds at the moment, unless
the users change their system preferences?

Indeed. It isn’t possible within GIMP but in System Preferences. As
with all other native OS X applications. At least I don’t know about
a native application having its own language selector.

This selector has been added to GIMP to address this issue, as "your
system is set to language X, therefor you apparently want to use your
apps in this language" didn't exactly turn out to be what all users want
on the Windows platforms, at least.

And it isn't actually easier on Linux platforms, either, users there
might just have been more versed with "eh, I'll just run it as
LANG=mylanguage gimp &").

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