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Am 14.09.14 at 11:40 AM scl wrote:
On  14.9.2014 at 10:38 AM Simone Karin Lehmann wrote:
The language selector only shows system language and en_US.

thank you for reporting back.
It seems to be a relocation issue. To reproduce the issue tried both
- revoking read permissions from the original build prefix and
- renaming the original build prefix.
In both cases I only see 'System language' and 'English (en_US)' now
in the listbox. Reverting these changes brings the other languages
back immediately (without restarting GIMP).
This would also explain to me why Partha and users of his build have
the same issue (see his mail from 11.09.14 12:35 PM).
I'm just trying to make the code in

relocatable. Perhaps that would fix it.

Resolved fixed.
commit ef0ef921b8dcb49ee82acba6540b69e6617c65d9
Author: Sven Claussner <sclaussner src gnome org>
Date:   Sun Sep 14 14:43:58 2014 +0200

Bug 721482 - Make language codes relocatable

Although all translation files are in the OS X bundle GIMP didn't
recognize other languages than the system's language and English (en_US)
on OS X on other machines. It searched the language code file from the
iso-codes package (iso_639.xml) in the build prefix which is usually not
existing on other machines.
This commit puts that file into the OS X bundle and makes GIMP search
for it there.

 app/widgets/gimplanguagestore-parser.c | 2 +-
 build/osx/gimp-2.8-python.bundle       | 2 ++
 build/osx/gimp-master-python.bundle    | 2 ++
 3 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
I tested under the circumstances as shown above to reproduce the fancy
effect and it workes fine here.

>> BTW, I’ve never used this part of the code at all and only rely on System Preferences as any other OS X Application does.

Well, that's indeed a point why we provide an extra language selector
while the user can already set the language in the operating system
resp. desktop environment. This is questionable not only on OS X, but on all systems.
Especially on OS X we currently have the effect that the language of
most of the UI is set in our selector, but the language of system
specific menu items from the App menu can only be set in the OS X'
system preferences. The convenient way for users to set the language
consistently is to use 'System language' in GIMP, set the desired
language as primary language in the system's preferences and restart
From a technical point of view the language information is something
that has to be provided by the application framework to make sure
all applications based on it behave the same.

Kind regards


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